We were relocating to the area with three young children from out of state and we were not totally set on Macomb until visiting St.Paul.  After meeting with Mrs. Cody, Fr. Stimpson and all the amazing teachers we knew in our hearts within minutes that we had found our new home.
The quality of education and focus on the whole child including their relationship with God is what initially drew us in.  However, now being a part of the school for over a year we see that it is truly the “warmth”, the piece that is hard to describe but is easily felt especially by our children.  It is what gives our kids the sense of community and the feeling that they have so many wonderful friends and teachers who care about them.  We are so happy we chose St.Paul not only for the great education but for the help in transitioning our children to a new community.  St. Paul has become so much more than a school to us, it is like a family.  
Brianna and Doug Schneider 

St. Paul School has been such a blessing to our family. We have had the liberty of sending three beautiful children (Jayden Jones, Jorden Jones and Jaycee Reynoso) to St. Paul for schooling. Jayden began St. Paul as a first grader and graduated into the Macomb Junior High in 2017. Jorden is currently a fourth grader, who is delighted to be at the school. She constantly reminds us of how her teacher is very patient and approachable to the class and other students in the school. Jorden’s teacher also stays after school throughout the week for tutoring, which Jorden is a part of. Jaycee recently began at St. Paul as a fifth grader. Jaycee’s transition into the school is consistent with a child who has been studying at St. Paul for five years (since Kindergarten). In other words, Jaycee has been accepted by her classmates, who are also members of the school volleyball team. Jaycee comes home in the evening expressing comfort and joy, with regards to the relationships established with her peers and teacher.

Brandy and I are truly thankful for St. Paul School, who has allowed our family to grow spiritually and academically. We have also watched other children and families grow through volunteer opportunities (basketball coaching, afterschool work, classroom initiatives, etc.). This is the type of environment that every child should experience. As parents who grew up in the Catholic School system as youths, we are truly grateful and appreciative of the wholesome upbringing that St. Paul and Catholic education has provided our children and family.

God bless,

Jerel, Brandy Jones, and children

We are so appreciative of the education that St. Paul school provides for our daughters. We chose St. Paul for the smaller class sizes and personal attention we thought they would receive, and they get so much more. They have caring teachers and staff that are truly invested in their education and in their development as good citizens. We love that they learn to love God and that being kind is more important than anything. Family involvement and participation are encouraged and there is a spirit of camaraderie in all that our daughters do. We are all in this together and it shows. This is one of the greatest investments that we can make. It is worth every penny!  
Jessica and Chris Butcher