Support St. Paul’s School
Shop at Hy-Vee and Walmart


  1. Buy Gift Cards: available in the St. Paul’s School Office. Everyday school is in session AND after Masses on September 10-11, October 1-2, and November 5-6 and approximately every month thereafter.
  1. You pay $100 to get a $100 card Hy-Vee has agreed to give St. Paul School $5 for every $100 we sell.
  1. Use your cards to purchase items at Hy-Vee or Walmart … or give them as gifts.


Hy-Vee           $25, $50, $100

Walmart         $25, $50, $100


St. Paul’s Church has 600 Parishioners.

IF each parishioner bought only $100 in gift cards each month (to purchase groceries and other necessities)

THEN St. Paul School would get $5 / Parishioner each month

THAT ADDS UP TO: $3,000/ month (just for buying groceries and other items at our local stores)

  • This fundraiser could easily raise $30,000+ per year for St. Paul’s School.
  • This would be a VERY significant portion of the Home and School Budget
  • Contact Theresa Young at (309) 333-1828 or for more info.

Help Support St. Paul’s School and Buy Your Gift Cards TODAY!