2nd Grade


Mrs. Nicole Seward

In 2nd grade we are respectful to ourselves and others. We are thankful for God and Jesus and embrace learning more about them. October is a special month as our class prepares for the St. Francis Mass.  This is an exciting year for 2nd graders as they prepare for their First Communion!  Reading and literacy is integrated throughout our entire day with everything we do.  We have thematic units such as frogs, owls, mammals and soil.  We use both fiction and non-fiction books when investigating our topics.  Guided reading and fluency practice is also part of our curriculum.  2nd graders love doing reader’s theatre to enhance their fluency. Spelling words and tests are introduced this year as well as continued word wall work.  We receive the Scholastic News weekly and are kept informed of Science and Social Studies topics.  We use the Harcourt math series and topics covered include: addition and subtraction of addends to 20, regrouping (addition and subtraction), understanding place value, measuring lengths in standard units, working with time and money, representing and interrupting data, and shapes and their attributes.   We are busy!  2nd grade is wonderful!


Room Parents

Amanda Graham and Chlesea Karlinski

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