Room Parents 2015-2016

Kindergarten: Jamie McClure and Sarah Robinson
First Grade: Shanna Hess and Abby Ruebush
Second Grade: Brandon John and Sydney John
Third Grade: Natalie Goc and Joy McQuillan
Fourth Grade: Jenny Bright and Heather Rodgers
Fifth Grade: John Miller and Sheila Miller
Sixth Grade: Lisa Miczo and Leesa Palmer



Room Parent Duties:

All Grades

A)    Coordinate parent volunteers for games, treats and drinks for three room parties:  Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

B)     Secure workers for athletic tournaments as assigned:  Girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball and girls’ volleyball.

C)     Consult with the classroom teacher on individual classroom needs.

First Grade


A)    Plan First Communion reception for second graders on the first Saturday in May.

B)     Secure parent volunteers for dinosaur party in the spring.

Fifth Grade

Plan sixth grade graduation reception in May.

Sixth Grade

Secure students to provide babysitting services during Home and School Association meetings.