St. Paul Home and School Association according to our by-laws is set up to achieve a closer relationship and understanding among the parents, the pastor, the principal and the teachers of St. Paul School to the end that the educational, social, and spiritual development of the children may be broadened and improved. The St. Paul Home and School Association acts as a fund-raising and guidance unit for the school and is our version of a parent-teacher association.

The St. Paul Home and School Association meets every other month on the second Monday of the month (September, November, January, March and May).

All parents of children enrolled in St. Paul School are members of the Home and School Association.

Elected officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Duties of Officers:

President—presides over all meetings

Vice-President—performs duty of the President in their absence and acts as an aide to the president

Secretary—records minutes of the meetings

Treasurer—receives all monies and records receipts and expenditures

Current Officers 2015-2015:

President -Sally Adams

Vice President – Torrey Smith

Treasurer – Anita Ahl

Secretary – Dana Moon

St. Paul School is set up under the following guidelines for finances.

Tuition covers 50% of the total per pupil cost

Parish contributions subsidize 35% of the total cost

Fundraising through the Home and School Association covers 15% of the total cost.

Currently the per pupil cost is $4500.

Where Does the Money go that we Raise?

Home and School funds are responsible for 15% of the total school budget.  The Association takes care of the following funding.

$250 per classroom for supplies

$500 toward 6th grade class trip

$100 Art Fair

$500 Athletic

$1000 bus rental for field trips

$300 Catholic Schools Week

$1000 St. Paul Endowment Fund

$4500 School Library

$350 Miscellaneous

$150 Music

$10000 Parish Donation

$150 Physical Education

$1500 Playground

$360 Regional Touring Company

$100 Science Fair

$900 Teacher Start-up Cost

$1900 Technology

Fund-Raiser Chair Person Details


The Wreath Chairperson is in charge of getting the Wreath Sale information distributed to all school families.  Once the orders are placed the chairperson with a committee compiles the order and sends it into the company.  Several days prior to anticipated delivery, the chairperson will be in communication with the delivery company.  A drop off site needs to be arranged and workers to help sort and distribute the wreaths on the day of delivery.  After the deliveries are made, the remaining wreaths are made known for sale.


The chairperson will run a cookie dough drive held each February to help raise funds for the 6th grade class trip.


The Hy-Vee Grocery Coupon Chairperson in responsible for purchasing the coupons at Hy-Vee.  The chairperson makes sure that the school office is kept supplied with the coupons for sale.  The chairperson arranges for coupons to be sold at every mass at least once a month.


The Athletic Director is in charge of the Girls’ Volleyball and the Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball seasons.  They set up for each game and clean-up after the game and close up the school.  The Athletic Director helps to maintain the concession area and runs the tournaments.  A specific job description is available upon request.


The Trivia Night Chairperson organizes the trivia questions.  The chairperson gets an emcee for the event and arranges for all of the pizza and drinks.  The chairperson helps the committee to get silent auction donations.


This chairperson oversees the big gala that is held every other year at WIU.  This event has many committee chairpersons that take care of their specific part of the gala.  The chairperson keeps in close touch with each committee chairperson.


The chairperson will coordinate the sponsorship, raffle, food, marketing and finance for the Golf Scramble held each year in August.

Yearly Fundraisers

Golf Outing August
Wreath Sales October/November
Cookie Dough Sales November
Girls’ Basketball Tournament November
Trivia Night February
Boys’ Basketball Tournament and Girls’ Volleyball Tournament February
Dinner/Dance/Auction Gala Bi-Annually in June
HyVee and Walmart Grocery coupons August through June