Athletic Guidelines

St. Paul School


  St. Paul School will follow the Diocese of Peoria Athletic Handbook for Elementary Schools. Specific information (some of which is in the handbook – others specific to St. Paul School):

  • maximum of 20 games including tournaments for basketball and volleyball.
  • no games or practices will be scheduled on Sundays or Holy Days
  • no more than a total of 3 practices and/or games per week
  • practices will be no more than 1.5 hours in length
  • no games or practices if school is dismissed early or cancelled due to weather
  • 5th/6th is age of discovery – athletes should have minimum of 5 minutes of play
  • practice may not begin until 4 weeks prior to 1st game of the season
  • no more than 2 Open Gyms over Holiday Breaks
  • 4th grade students will only be asked to play if there are not enough students to fill the 5th and 6th grade teams
  • the opportunity to play is offered to all students – no tryouts
  • practices will be scheduled so that After Care has use of the gym until 3:30 twice a week
  • practice schedules will be turned in to the office for approval on a monthly basis